Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia (Color) Recently, international award winning and world renowned fine art panoramic landscape photographer,  Peter   Lik , commented   on  one   of  my   images  of   "Ta Prohm Temple" in Cambodia. Lik commented, "Mate. Seriously. Love it. Amazing image, so much feeling to it. Congrats. Lucky ya had the soft light. Sensational." This unique image of Ta Prohm Temple was shot in November 2008 with a Linhof 617 S III Technorama Medium Format Panoramic Camera using Fuji Velvia 100 Professional Slide Film.

Peter Lik Queensland, Australia
International Award Winning Photographer

  Streetside Cafes, Florence, Italy Dean, we received our print yesterday. I have to say, it is much more impressive in person, than on your web site! Thank you!

David Vannoy McKinney, TX

  TaBlue Ice, Antarctica
In 2007, I traveled to Antarctica. I met some amazing people who I now consider good friends. On this trip, I was lucky enough to meet photographer Dean Tatooles. Dean recently held an exhibit here in Toronto and I acquired "Blue Ice" as a keepsake from our trip. Dean's work is fantastic and our new piece will forever be cherished in our home!

Wing Man Lau Toronto, Canada

Dean, the photography lesson at the Lincoln Park Zoo was fantastic! I enjoyed every minute of it! You are a wonderful teacher. Can't wait to practice before my trip to Southern Africa!

Susan Erler Chicago, Illinois

A few days ago I acquired my Linhof camera. I want to thank you for inspiring me with your work.

Guillermo Testoni Patagonia, Argentina

  european photography We recently purchased "Nighttime from the Ponte Vecchio"... Gorgeous! My wife Angie and I did the Northern Italy tour on our honeymoon in the Summer of 2007. Florence was by far our favorite spot. The view from our hotel was the Ponte Vecchio. What an amazing gift that Dean has given us! We are able to relive our honeymoon everyday. I can say with absolute conviction that Dean's panoramic view was as if we were there live. I have been fortunate enough to have seen and lived in a handful of the places Dean has photographed. I am in complete awe of the images he has captured. We look forward to purchasing more from Southern Cross Galleries in the future.

Sam and Angie Samhouri Troy, Michigan

  european photography I recently took delivery of the image entitled "Cliffside Villas". It is simply a fantastic piece of art for my bedroom. The quality, color, detail and overall composition of the image is simply spectacular. It captures the true essence of Italy and its stunning coastline. Dean Tatooles' passion and talent truly comes out through his work. I look forward to purchasing more from Southern Cross Galleries in the future.

Tom Smithburg Chicago, Illinois
Team Works Media

  Mt. Rundle My co-workers and I recently purchased a limited edition print of "Mt. Rundle" as a going away gift for our manager who was relocating back to Eastern Canada. We wanted to give him something that would remind him of his time spent here in Alberta and Dean's photograph will do just that. It is a striking panoramic landscape and we were very pleased when we received it and saw how vibrant it was.

Geoff Rubel Calgary, Canada

  Moraine Lake It's always a worry buying something over the Internet, especially if it's an item that can't be fully appreciated on a computer screen. As my father is a complete Canadaphile, we decided to get him an image from the Rockies for Christmas. After much searching, I found and purchased Dean's image of "Moraine Lake" and knew that it would be perfect. Dean was completely helpful from my first enquiry and despite the print having to travel over the Atlantic it arrived promptly, with no hassle. Viewing the image on his website does not do the picture justice, it is so vivid and detailed that not only is striking from a distance but when you stand close to it you feel like you are actually on the shoreline trying to keep warm! I have no hesitation in recommending Dean and his photographs to anyone that wants a beautiful picture with friendly service.

Dr. Eleanor Mein Feckenham, United Kingdom

  antarctica photography We recently took delivery of "Paradise Bay" and have it prominently hanging in our office. Throughout the years, we have sent many clients to Antarctica and have received wonderful photos back upon their return, but none compare to the absolute artistry of Dean's panoramas. His images really draw you in to the exact place and time the photo was taken - making the viewer both breathless and enthralled. I enjoy sharing his images with various friends and colleagues, and always receive the same response: "Wow!"

Jordana Chavin Chicago, Illinois
iExplore Adventure Tourism

  Church of the Good Shepherd I own the image entitled "Church of the Good Shepherd" from New Zealand. I believe that Dean Tatooles is one of the best young photographers in the United States today. Dean is part old-school adventurer, part photographer. The adventurer in Dean goes to all of the places to which the rest of us only dream of going -- be it the Great Barrier Reef, the wild game parks of Africa, or the tranquil foothills of the Canadian Rockies -- and the photographer in him captures the most impressive, mystical and awe-inspiring aspects of each of them. He brings a part of each back for the rest of us to experience, allowing us to go where he has gone, to see what he has seen and, more importantly, to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each place. Dean's work allows us, even if just for a moment, to go to that far away place in our minds and be alone in that moment. This is the true wonder of still photography and it is something that Dean does masterfully. Because of this quality, seeing Dean's work inspires adventure in our own lives.

Derek J. Sarafa Birmingham, Michigan

  Moraine Lake One part Indiana Jones, one part Ansel Adams - Dean Tatooles is steadily circling the globe and capturing it on film. Using his camera as a paint brush, and his imagination as a color palette, Dean's art reveals the greatest story of all. His panoramas expose the richest colors of the world and bring them to our homes. I own a limited edition print of "Moraine Lake" and am still awed by its brilliance.

Kevin Kenyon Chicago, Illinois

  Steps I surprised my wife with a gift of the "Steps" for an anniversary present. She loved it! Of course, I did too! My wife is Greek, so I chose that picture from Dean's incredible Greece collection. Now, both of us definitely have to go see these stairs in person. The detail in the picture is absolutely amazing. You won't believe how the whitecaps look in the water until you see this print for yourself. The image looks good on Dean's website, but the print looks surreal in real life. We proudly placed it at the bottom of our steps in our home. Almost every person who passes it stops and raves about it. I have seen some of Dean's work framed and matted elsewhere and always wanted one of his pieces for ourselves. I'm glad we now finally own the first of many pieces we will undoubtedly purchase in the future.

Larry and Suzanne Lage Ann Arbor, Michigan

  french polynesia I purchased a piece from Southern Cross Galleries for my husband for our one year anniversary entitled "Overwater Bungalows". It was the perfect gift since we honeymooned in Bora Bora and also since the first year gift is supposed to be paper. He and I both love it. We placed it in the foyer of our new home and the skylight above it hits the photo just perfect during the day and it looks amazing! I love Dean's work and I recently purchased a second piece. It's the image entitled "Overwater Bungalow". I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures Dean took in Italy and will be definitely collecting some of those as well! Dean not only takes great pictures but is very helpful in answering questions.

Donna Calhoun Beverly Hills, California

french polynesia

  europe I recently purchased one of Dean's photographs entitled "Church" taken in Santorini, Greece. It is displayed in a prominent part of our home. Having traveled to Greece and viewing many scenes of Greek landscape over the years, I can truly say that I have never seen the beauty and majestic scenery of this magnificent country captured on film as I have seen in Dean's images. He is a master photographer. We will cherish our photo for years to come and plan to purchase more in the future. In addition to his phenomenal skill, Dean is truly a professional who does his utmost to make sure his clients are satisfied with his work product. I would highly recommend purchasing one of his photographs.

Kristy Brown Elmhurst, Illinois

  americas   americas I felt compelled to write a testimonial about Dean's work after purchasing two of his photographs from Greece: "Church" and "Doorway". I am a Greek American who has traveled to Greece many times throughout my life and have had the fortune of visiting Santorini. Few photos I have seen are able to capture the grandeur and pristine beauty of this Greek Island. Amazingly, Dean's images do just that. The detail, vivid colors and sharpness are surreal. You feel as though you are standing right there. Our two Santorini images are truly a treasure, which our whole family enjoys on a daily basis.

Dr. Angela Zekios Westmont, Illinois

  americas We recently purchased "Kootenay National Park Canyon". Everyone who walks into our home and sees this photograph is blown away. Dean captured the movement of the water and the clarity of the day so perfectly we feel like we have been there. Dean has such an amazing eye for composition and he outdid himself with this shot. We find ourselves stopping to look at it when other photos we have blend in to the day to day blur of life. It is interesting to see how different the piece looks depending on the time of day. The vibrancy of the colors and movement of the water seem to make this photo come alive all day long.

We were lucky enough to see a number of Dean's photos in person. We were completely amazed at the color and quality of each print. Dean is an extremely talented photographer and provides excellent customer service. We highly recommend him!

Matt & Alyssa Albers Chicago, Illinois

  americas  americas  americas I recently redecorated my home in Calgary and wanted to add something uniquely Canadian to my main sitting room. That's when I came across Dean's work. Canada is photographed all the time, but not quite like Dean has done. Through his panoramic format, Dean has been able to capture the shear majesty of the terrain. The vivid colors and smallest details are so incredible. It is almost as if you are looking through a window right at the real thing.

I purchased three images from Dean, including: "Kootenay National Park Canyon", "Kootenay National Park Waterfall" and "Lake Louise". I hung them side by side and get continuous compliments from all my house guests. I am Canadian and have lived in Canada all my life. I have visited most of the Alberta and British Columbia National Parks since I was a child and can say with certainty that Dean's photographs are the next best thing to being there in real life.

John Howard Calgary, Canada

There have been artists who have the ability to put you in the scene. To make you feel like you are part of the action, not looking in. It's a rare gift and Dean has it. In years to come I believe his art will become collectible just like other great photographers, from Matthew Brady's civil war work to Ansel Adams portraits of America's wilderness.

Terry McKendree Alpharetta, Georgia
Travel Egypt, World Explorer Tours

  americas I recently received "Aerial Bora Bora" as a gift from a business colleague. I love it. It is on display in my office in Downtown Chicago and is truly breathtaking.

T.D. ButzbaughChicago, Illinois

Everyone loves to share a story, and nothing tells a story like a photograph. Just like a great story teller perfects his craft for the pleasure of his audience, breathtaking pictures require more than a quick point-and-shoot. Study, patience, practice and a good "eye" can really enhance the memories you capture with a camera. Dean J. Tatooles is someone who has achieved those breathtaking photographs.

"Through the Lens, Dean Tatooles Captures Art on Film" by Maria Karamitsos
Greek Circle Magazine, Spring 2007, Vol. 6, No. 4.



I have the astute privilege of being the Director of Canadian Sales for Southern Cross Galleries and have worked alongside Dean on location throughout Canada. Undoubtedly, Dean has an unsurpassed passion for his craft. He is a man on a mission who will do whatever it takes to get the best images he can. Dean's mission has taken him to the far corners of the globe. Dean's mission has required him to have extreme patience whether it be hiking to the perfect location or simply waiting for the perfect light. I personally own three of Dean's images and they are on display in my home in Vancouver. These images include: "Moraine Lake", "Bow River-Banff", and "Paint Pots". Every guest who enters my home is floored by the vividness and sheer beauty of each crisply framed piece. I have caught myself just staring and daydreaming at each many times. For the potential customer, I can say with certainty that the images you see online pale in comparison to the real thing. Purchase one, you won't be disappointed.

Taylor Gemmel Vancouver, Canada

  americas Dean's work is truly inspirational. I recently purchased a new condo and wanted to be creative in my decorating. I came across Dean's photographs and fell in love with several. As a result, I decided to do an Egyptian theme in my bedroom and a French Polynesian theme in my guest bedroom. Accordingly, I bought five prints from Dean, including: "Overwater Bungalow", "The Temple of Hatshepsut", "The Great Sphinx", "The Great Hypostyle Hall", and "The Temple of Hatshepsut". Each photograph is strong, detailed and beautiful. The brilliant hues and contrasts counter my papyrus paintings and related decor perfectly. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate Haennicke Chicago, Illinois

  americas  americas  americas  americas

  french polynesia Our image of "Overwater Bungalow" is for us an everyday reminder as if we were there once again on the spot. The colours and detail are so vivid and intense and the photograph is so well focused. Unfortunately, our knowledge to describe in English is very difficult... so we hope you will understand!

Ewald and Jolanda Mettler Zurich, Switzerland

  europe My husband and I recently took delivery of "Sunset, Santorini". When we opened it, we gasped at its beauty. Dean captured the shot so perfectly that we could almost feel ourselves there. When you look at Dean's image, you can sense the serene and peaceful life of Santorini. It's simply breathtaking.

Matt and Bethany Taylor Lansing, Michigan

  new zealand My wife Kristina and I recently relocated from our home in New Zealand to New York City. Dean's work has allowed us to surround ourselves with the tranquility of home while living in the craziness that is New York City.

Andrew and Kristina Fair New York, New York

  french polynesia Dean's love for photography and nature is so brilliantly evidenced in each and every one of his photos. His ability to capture the most miniscule details brings you inside the photograph, letting you smell the ocean, feel the gentle breeze of the palm trees and the warmth of the sun on your skin!

Janice Munkvold Chicago, Illinois

  french polynesia Dean is an incredibly gifted photographer with the ability to capture the essence and beauty of his surroundings on film. We purchased a piece entitled "Steps" taken in Santorini, Greece. The vibrant colors and level of detail in the photograph are simply breathtaking. No doubt about it, Dean is a true artist.

George and Kathy Karaboyas Chicago, Illinois

Dean is not only a truly gifted and amazing photographer, but is able to share his abilities through private workshops for novice photographers. I participated in one of these workshops. I found Dean to be professional and patient. Dean gave us useful, practical information from what type of camera and lenses to buy, to how to set up a photo and how to use the manual functions, which most people do not know how to do. I'm truly a beginner so I was immersed in a lot of information, but Dean even followed-up to recap what we learned and provide us with more information. There is no doubt Dean loves photography. You don't have to go to exotic locations to benefit from Dean's instruction. I love the pictures I take of my son.

Wen-Shin Cheng Chicago, Illinois

  Beagle Channel I'm not only a great fan of Dean's work, I'm also his student!

We met coincidentally in Patagonia, Argentina. I consider this to be a very lucky day. While Dean was shooting his panorama of "The Beagle Channel" , I was trying to capture the same image without a tripod. As the true nice guy that he is, Dean offered me the use his tripod -- for which I was very thankful. Professional photographers I met earlier in my life all seemed unwilling to share their advice with us regular guys. As luck had it, we both happened to be from the Chicagoland area.

Upon my return from South America, I took a full-day workshop with Dean. The enthusiasm of this great professional is unbelievable! We started at 10:00 a.m. and the next time I looked at my watch it was 5:30 p.m.! We forgot about food... drink... everything. Nothing else existed. Only Dean, his great explanations and his magnificent photos surrounding his cozy studio. Dean is a God-sent to anybody who wants to learn more about photography. From the beauty of creation of a photograph through the technical shooting process, he shares all his tricks of the trade -- something you won't find in any book! You will become much better even after just one lesson. And the friendship does not stop there, Dean becomes a friend and advisor for life! It is truly luck to find someone like him. Thank you, Dean!!!

Joe Pirogovsky Chicago, Illinois

  New Zealand After great deliberation, my husband and I purchased "The Kingston Flyer" from Dean's New Zealand series. It was a difficult decision because we easily could have chosen at least a dozen pictures! Dean's timing, composition, choice of subject matter and delicious color saturation make for brilliant photographs that would grace any wall. We are excited to see what Dean produces next and will no doubt be adding to our Tatooles collection!

Nicole Sponsler Perth, Australia