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Southern Cross Galleries Partners Up with and Drift Innovation — Leader in High Definition Time Lapse Photography Equipment

Southern Cross Galleries partners up with Drift Innovation — leader in high definition time lapse photography equipment.

Drift is an action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms.  Drift manufactures quality cameras and accessories, inspiring action sports enthusiasts and like minded individuals to document their experiences, capture the emotion and share their vision.

Action sports participants are passionate individuals, who enjoy re-living the “moment”.  Drift’s mission is to ensure that the unique product features found on our cameras (eg: integrated screen) and accessories, enhance the user experience by simplifying the process of capturing, editing & sharing key moments of their lives.  Drift design and manufacture innovative, intuitive products, combining both our users needs and state of the art technology.  Our association with world class athletes in each of DRIFTS credo sports, combined with input from our everyday enthusiasts, provides a continual source of constructive feedback.  This information is integrated by our design team, to ensure that the products we offer contain features that you want and will stand up to the most extreme situations.  From a helmet mount jamming down the Saudan Couloir in Blackcomb, a sidemount on a F1 car, handlebar mount on Steve Peats mountainbike or towing in at Teahupoo, DRIFT has got you covered.


Southern Cross Galleries Teams Up With Magic

Southern Cross Galleries is pleased to announce that panoramic photographer Dean J. Tatooles has joined the Magic Murals Team of Artists.  Magic Murals has amassed thousands of images from a prominent group of international photographers and illustrators.  There is a wide assortment of genres that span a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.  Magic Murals offers two exceptional choices of wall mural materials: QuikStik™ a repositionable and reusable, self adhesive vinyl /or/ UltraStik™ a water activated pre-pasted wallpaper.  Both offer exceptional print quality through the use of advanced software and state of the art digital printing equipment.  Magic Murals strives to have something for every interest and are always growing in their selection.  We are excited to be part of the Magic Murals Team!  Check out Magic Murals products at

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Photographer Dean J. Tatooles of Southern Cross Galleries has become a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  Founded in 1880, PPA is the world’s largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, with more than 20,000 members in 54 countries.  You can learn more about PPA on their website at:

Professional Photographers of America Logo

International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP)

Photographer Dean J. Tatooles of Southern Cross Galleries is pleased to announce his recent membership into the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP).  The IAPP was founded in 1984 and comprises a group of international photographers that educate and promote panoramic photography as well as exchange artistic and technical ideas.  You can learn more about IAPP on their website at:   

New Images: 2010 Antarctic Expedition


New images from my 2010 Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Expedition have been posted in the Antarctica and Americas Galleries on this website and are now available for purchase! 

Peter Lik Recognizes “Ta Prohm Temple” Image

Recently, I received great acclamation from one of my inspirations.  International award winning and world renowned fine art panoramic landscape photographer, Peter Lik, commented  on one of my images of “Ta Prohm Temple” captured in Cambodia.  Lik commented, “Mate.  Seriously.  Love it.  Amazing image, so much feeling to it.  Congrats.  Lucky ya had the soft light.  Sensational.”  This unique image of Ta Prohm Temple was taken in November 2008 with a Linhof 617 S III Technorama medium format panoramic camera using Fuji Velvia 100 professional slide film.  Peter is attributable to the photgrapher I am today and this is truly a great honor for me personally.   

Equipment and Film



        fuji 2



My panoramic images are captured using a Linhof 617 SIII camera with an assortment of Fuji film.  I create my fine art panoramic landscape prints for sale using an Epson Stylus Pro 4800 printer and Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper.  Feel free to send me an Email with any specific questions.  My contact information can be found on my website at

Welcome to the Southern Cross Galleries Blog!

welcomeThe Southern Cross Galleries Blog will discuss everything that is photography!  From equipment to technique to updates on upcoming photo shoots.  I look to interact with you to make this a great success.  I welcome any questions or comments you may have.  Thanks, Dean!